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We usually need places for seminars, workshops and our training in NLP and Wingwave methods. We had always been looking for comfortable rooms where you can feel at ease learning and working. By chance there was and old barn and house from the 18th century available very close to our Rondo office.
The opportunity to have new rooms for seminars, meeting and accomodation arose combining this with a cosy atmosphere:
◦ create creativity and learning in a pleasant atmosphere
◦ enjoy and exchange ideas in the “idea pooling kitchen”
◦ find out new approaches in a historical ambience rich in wood, light, clay and familiar atmosphere
◦ relax in the inner courtyard
◦ stay overnight in our theme bedrooms

Our aim was to blend traditional and modern.
Through the use of recycled historical building materials and modern technology we created a unique atmospheric experience. For example the heating installation hidden behind the wall.
In our guesthouse you can find sandstone walls, oak timber, hemp thermal isolation, restored half timbered work, mudbrick building style in different colours in the whole house, and beautiful furniture ranging from the Baroque time in Lorraine to Arne Jacokbsen´s designs and those of his grandchild Tobias Jakobsen. The combination of old lamps, the tiles and marble emphasis the uniqueness of the rooms.
A particular highlight is our furniture from Thailand, that has partly been specially fitted into our building and has been harmoniously integrated into our confortable atmosphere.

Meeting room 50 sqm, place for teamwork (100 sqm total). The seminar equipment is included (Flip chart, pin board, Hifi unit, video projector, screen, moderator equipment). Our meeting package includes a range of coffees, a variety of teas, pastries and fruit.



5 Rooms/max. 8 Persons
Day 230,- €

La petite maison

2 Persons
Day 72,- €
Week 480,- €
Month by arrangement
Minimum booking 3 days

Design Vier

2 Persons
Day 82,- €
Week 540,- €
Month by arrangement
3 Persons - Day 103,- €
4 Persons - Day 124,- €
Minimum booking 3 days


Full day 160,- €
Half day 90,- €
In combination
with Lehmgefühl
per day 370,- €
Meeting package
12,- € per person and day


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Michaela Hüpperling – Coaching|Consulting|Training Rilkestraße 29, 40668 Meerbusch Lank-Latum
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Pfalzel is situated 4,5 km nord of Trier, along the Moselle. The first traces date back to celtic time thanks to its strategical position for trades. The name and its historical meaning comes from the roman time as a seat of a „Palatiolum“, a palace-fortress and some traces are still visible. During the Franks time a merovingian princess called Adula built a convent that later was converted into a fortress of the bishop, a medieval collegiate church and surrounded by pitoresque houses. One od these is the oldest stone house of Germany, just in the fornt yard of the church ( built in 1143).

The plan of Pfalzel has romantic narrow streets and the elements of its long and full of changes history from late roman time to middle age, Renassance and Baroque. Our house „Lehmgefühl“ is centrally situated in Trier-Pfalzel, a few steps away from the Moselle. That´s the right place to enjoy a short or longer stay, a rest for bikers or starting point to discover the main destinations along the Moselle, Luxembourg or Saarbrücken. There are many possibilities to have tours by boat on the Mosela and Saar starting from Trier or Pfalzel. It´s also raccomended to have a wine tasting at the vineyards.


The university town of Trier is situated in Rheinland Pfalz region, in Moselle Valley, just 15 kms away from the border to Luxembourg. It´s surronded by vineyards and the hills of Eifel and Hunsrück. The nearby city are Luxembourg (40 km), Saarbrücken (80km) and Koblenz (100 km). Treviri is the oldest town of Germany and has several Unesco heritage monuments as Porta Nigra, Barbara roman bath, the imperial bath, Basilica, roman bridge, Igel pillar, the Cathedral, the church Liebfrauenkirche and the roman anphitheater.

The origin of the name comes from the celtic tribe of Treveri, that starting from 50BC were conquered by the romans. The roman had a first settlement on Petrisberg and Augusta Treverorum was officially founded in 16AC. Today you can see several traces of the imperial time that shows how important. It used to be the most populated town northern of Alps ( 80 000-100 000 inhabitants). After that the roman legions left the area, the Franks had Trier that handed over to the bishops. They ruled over till Napoleon time. Trier was the seat of prince electors, a University (1473), cultural and intellectual center of a region from Lorraine to the Rhine. The traces of this history are visible all around the place till nowadays in historical monuments, churches and monasteries, the Cathedral but also the so called Three Kings house in Simeonstraße or the Frank tower in Dietrichstraße. From 1794 to 1815 Trier was occupied by the French troops and afterwards the Prussians ruled over. Last but not least, Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Brückenstraße. The house is now a museum named after him.

Trier is now an University town, has a theatre, three museums and has events around the year like wine festivals, Carnival, historical events and the famous Christmas market. The old town is easy to reach by train, bus or also by bike thanks to the panoramic cycle path along the Moselle. Trier is nearby airports like Luxembourg (40km), Frankfurt-Hahn (70km) and Cologne-Bonn (185km).


If you would like any further information or make a reservation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us for further information, make a reservation or plan a tour in the surronding area.

You can reach us by phone 0049 (0)651 300737 or per e-mail:

The following map will help you to locate and find us:


Hans-Josef Schmitt, Beate Schaeidt
Mechtelstraße 6
54293 Trier-Pfalzel

Telefon: +49 (0)6 51 / 300 737

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Hans-Josef Schmitt, Beate Schaeidt

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